What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring brain state, distinct from conscious and unconscious states, including sleep.  We all experience this state naturally several times each day – when falling asleep at night, for example.  When you are ‘in the zone’ or ‘zoning out’, you are in a state of light hypnosis.  You might have experienced this when driving, watching TV, daydreaming, or engaging in a favorite activity or sport where you tend to ‘lose yourself’ in the activity.

Not only does this state feel very relaxing, but when you are in hypnosis, your inner mind is more open to change.  With hypnotherapy we take advantage of this state to make the positive changes that you desire.   It is much easier to align your conscious desires (health, peace, freedom) with your subconscious experience using hypnotherapy.

What does it feel like?

Hypnosis is a very pleasant, relaxing state of awareness.  It feels a little differently for everybody, but most people experience this state of mind as a pleasant, deep state of relaxation.  We are still aware of what is going on around us, while being deeply absorbed in our own relaxation and imagination.  This feels a little like if you were to lie down for a nap on a weekend afternoon, but not fall all the way asleep.  Your body feels relaxed, and you're resting, but you can still hear all the sounds going on around you.  In fact, our clients often report feeling as though they got a deep massage and a power nap all in one, while still being aware of the experience!

How long will it take?

A hypnotherapy program for any particular issue will range in length from a few sessions to working together over several months, depending on your history and what issue you would like to address.  We are extremely results oriented and strive to see you through to your goal as quickly as possible.  

How much does it cost?

Sessions are $125 each.  We also offer a package for multiple sessions at a discounted rate:

4 sessions:   $115/session  ($460)

Do you offer refunds if I need to postpone my program?

We do not offer refunds; however your hypnotherapy package can be redeemed up to a year after purchase.

Do you take insurance?

We do not take insurance, though we are able to accept HSA or FSA cards.

I’m interested!  What’s the next step?

Contact us to schedule a free consultation. This gives us a chance to hear about your goals, determine if hypnotherapy is a good match for what you would like to work on, and answer any questions you have about the hypnotherapy process.