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I can’t recommend this enough! Neal really helped me to see my own thoughts in a new perspective! I went in originally to get healthier habits around diet and exercise, but I got so much more than that! Neal’s thoughtful line of questioning and the clarity I got during hypnosis led me to figure out pretty quickly that the roots of my particular problem were more about decisiveness and confidence in general. In hypnosis, I discovered that I don’t need to try so hard to get everything right, and this goofy way of being me is just fine - in fact, better than fine! To be clear, I’m not perfect (and anyway, what on earth does that mean?), but I don’t really care! I’m having too much fun! And I’ve been going out dancing, cooking, cutting up vegetables all the time, swimming, hiking, having really vivid dreams, going out and being a lot more social, and even convincing my friends and family to come with me to the gym (so it’s helping them too). Until today, I hadn’t checked the scale in a while, but it turns out I lost 9% of my body weight without really caring too much about it either way! I’m serious! Working with Neal or Michelle is probably the best way to lose weight, but much better yet, to stop freaking out about that and all the other ridiculous over-exaggerations we torture ourselves with. Thank you so, so, so much for your kindness, your listening, and your honest concern, Neal. You’ve made a real difference in my life!
— Jenessa P.
Michelle has been helping me with anxiety and productivity issues. She has helped me make tremendous strides both at work as well as with my extended family. The holidays were completely different this year than most years. I was confident and calm and settled dealing with my family. She is warm and knowledgeable and professional.
— Lucas D.
I had the extraordinary privilege of having my sessions with Neal. The moment I walked in I felt instantly at ease, completely trusting and genuinely taken care of. I had 4 sessions, each of which were productive and deeply meaningful to me. Together we made a lot of progress and accomplished my goals in their entirety. Neal has such an open heart and natural gift for helping people. His support and encouragement through my journey were essential to my success. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have met him. I highly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone, it’s made a profound difference in my life. Many thanks to Neal for making it happen.
— -Valerie B.
Michelle is an angel. Truly. Not only because her work has drastically improved my life, but because hers is a presence of absolute light, and safety, and joy. When I began sessions with Michelle, I was looking to alleviate my heel-digging, fear of change; I never imagined I was in for a complete confidence makeover.

My anxiety was rearing its ugly head again, and I was stuck in a pattern of unfulfilled stagnation. Just the thought of my first meeting with Michelle made me want to run back into the house and hide under the covers from the day. I’m so, so glad, though, that I decided to see it through. With Michelle’s soothing, musical voice guiding me, I have overcome the obstacles I’d laid at my own feet.

These days I pursue the things I want in my life. I am unafraid my vulnerabilities; I can recognize them, and acknowledge them, instead of running away from them or trying to hide them. I feel excited about my personal relationships, and motivated in my work. I approach both sides from a place of enthusiasm and joy, and the effect has been incredible. Opportunities have simply appeared where I saw none before. My ideal scenarios are coming to pass. The things I’ve spent years searching for are finding me. I am a stronger, more grounded, and happier version of myself. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

— K. Cooper
I was truly skeptical about hypnotherapy but I decided to give it a try. Neal put me at ease straight away. This was partially due to his kind, calm, respectful, and patient demeanor. However, Neal mostly put me at ease because of his obvious intellect. I came in wanting to work on softening into situations and not needing to feel like I had to be so in control. He helped me to develop wonderful stress reducing visualizations, taught me how to affect my dreams, how to talk to people I love but can’t communicate with, and make major decisions in my life during a particularly difficult time. I have been told that I seem bolder since starting hypnotherapy. I have had a few amazingly liberating dreams. I am smiling more sincerely and openly in photographs. I am becoming better at setting boundaries. It turned out that Neal helped me soften comfortably into who I am. More importantly, he helped me build the confidence to see that the person I already was, was pretty capable and wonderful. I would love to continue this kind of work with Neal in the future. I highly recommend his practice!
— M.K.
Michelle and her hypnotherapy are amazing. She can efficiently identify the issues that need some assistance and provide kind and helpful guidance in addressing these issues. You leave your session with her feeling relaxed, renewed, and hopeful … which carries through the week, helped by some gentle reminders and cues she leaves you with, feeling empowered to make changes in your life that make such a huge difference you don’t know how you survived without her! I highly recommend her to everyone, but especially to moms that are feeling a little overwhelmed, unbalanced, and torn … she can get you back on track with a smile on your face, peace in your heart, and enough energy to play with your kids.
— Kristi L
Michelle is wonderful and I cannot recommend her enough! Not only is she warm and welcoming, she makes you feel very comfortable during your session and has such a soothing voice. I tried hypnotherapy once before and felt uncomfortable and at a loss as to what I was suppose to do during my session. I conveyed this to Michelle during our intake and she made sure to give me clear direction, which allowed me to relax and fully surrender to the experience.
— Stephanie D.
When I met Michelle, I felt an immediate connection. Her work is exactly what I had sought to complement my efforts to create full health and ease in my life. Through her expert guidance, I have finally been able to get to where I’ve wanted to be for many years. I needed help with food – my relationship with food was running my life, not just feeding my body. Michelle’s open, non-judgmental demeanor is a gift. It affords me the safety to explore what created food issues for me. Her intuitive understanding of what I need and her techniques to gently get to the root have given me the ability to remove what was blocking my desire to return to healthy food, healthy eating and healthy exercise routines. The work is ongoing, though I was quickly able to feel - and see - a difference. I had long wanted to become a person who could enjoy food without overindulging or obsessing about it. Because of my work with Michelle, I am that person now.
— Elizabeth C.
When I tried Hypnotherapy with Michelle for postpartum anxiety, I was looking for another way to heal rather than just medicating myself. These feelings of anxiety were awful, and it interfered heavily on my ability to feel like a good mother to my baby. I was embarrassed to feel the way I did after my pregnancy, but Michelle made me feel so at ease and assured that everything I felt was normal. Every session with her left me feeling more confident, calm, and capable of being the mom I knew I could be! I now feel peaceful with my baby, and I’m no longer anxious about being a new mom! I’m so grateful to Michelle for her help, I feel myself again!
— Brooke A
Working with Michelle and doing hypnotherapy has been a very enlightening and peace-giving experience. It has brought about remarkable alteration and freedom to make choices that truly serve my life and an ease in letting go of patterns of behavior that no longer fit. I was a skeptic at first, but Michelle’s genuine trust of the process and commitment to having our time together be powerful, soon became mine as well. I highly recommend Michelle and hypnotherapy as a steadfast approach to shifting those occasionally heavily ingrained patterns that you’re ready to release.
— Brooke Lonergan
Sleepless nights? Gone. Debilitating anxiety? Gone. Uncontrollable thoughts plaguing me? Gone.
Hypnotherapy with Michelle Lockett has been incredibly beneficial and I wholeheartedly recommend her services. I have worked with therapists, counselors, and life coaches before, but nothing has been quite as productive as this. This process is different in a good way. Michelle is an empathic guide, a facilitator and not a dictator, and it is a pleasure to partner with her. The answers are inside me, and this process helps draw them out. I’m sure that each person’s process is unique, but for me, my mind unfolded each session and I had the chance to explore and discover what was at the root of my anxiety and sleeplessness. Each session I felt my thinking clearing, like vapor or smoke fading away. It was also a relief to know that not every therapy involves never ending visits or intense homework. I just showed up, sat down, let my mind go for a ride for that one hour, and then trusted my subconscious to finish the work later. Ultimately I got my mind back. And my sleep? I got that too! I initially went to her to address postpartum anxiety, and I had such quick and dramatic results I decided to continue working on other things. I wondered if hypnotherapy would be “worth” trying, but since I have tried therapies for physical concerns – acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, yoga – I felt it was appropriate to try a therapy that addresses mental concerns. I am so glad I started working with Michelle!
— Charmaine S.
I’m grateful that I made the move to give Michelle a try. My difficulties with anxiety and stagnation had not fully resolved with other approaches, so I decided to consult with Michelle. I was hesitant at first, not knowing what the process would entail, and feeling potentially vulnerable. Very soon, I was so impressed with her professionalism, care, and skill that I considered myself fortunate to have found her. I am delighted with the results of the work we did together; the difference for me has been huge and has helped propel me forward into a calmer, more productive and vibrant way of being.
— B.C.
Lockett Hypnotherapy provides an incredibly warm, caring supportive environment, that allows you to easily settle in and do the work you need to do. Better still, Michelle is the epitome of a great hypnotherapist – professional, empathetic, and committed to seeing you reach your goals. Having been involved in various aspects of hypnosis for over 25 years, I can highly recommend Michelle without hesitation. She is simply a top notch practitioner.
— Mike Long
I started working with Michelle to help support my weight loss efforts. From the beginning, Michelle was so inviting and emotionally receptive. We would spend the first part of our session just talking and connecting; exploring how I was feeling, what I was doing and what I might need to help me continue to reach my goals. I knew immediately I had made a good choice in getting her support.
And I was right; the weight loss came. Through Michelle’s guidance my mind was given the space and the safety to explore and discover the mental and emotional blocks I had and to learn what tools I needed to allow myself to shed the weight. Each session produced more and more healing within myself and I gained the ability to use that energy in times of need outside the sessions. What I didn’t expect was gaining so many other insights about myself, the most powerful of which was ultimately self-love and acceptance. I don’t know if I ever really felt that before, complete acceptance of myself, flaws and all. But it’s pretty powerful stuff!
I highly recommend Michelle. She is like taking in a big breath of fresh air…her energy is light and open and her instructions perfectly guided. She gives you the room you need for self-exploration and the tools to actualize self-clarity. I know she was meant to do this work AND she knows she was meant to do this work. It is intuitive for her. And for that I am very thankful!
— J.S.
My first birth experience ended in an emergency c-section, which was traumatic; I didn’t realize just how traumatic until a few weeks into my current pregnancy. I am planning a VBAC and outwardly I was feeling confident. In truth, I was experiencing high levels of anxiety, which was entirely focused on scenarios that might play out for this birth. The anxiety was causing me to wake in the middle of the night, those scenarios flashing and flying through my mind. I was unable to fall back asleep, sometimes staying awake for several hours, sometimes never falling back to sleep at all. I was anxious and afraid. Michelle gave me a safe place to talk about my previous birth trauma and my fears for this upcoming birth. Through hypnotherapy, she helped me find any other pieces that I wasn’t able to identify or talk about. We were able to set them aside, and let go of the fear. Michelle also gave me tools to help me cope with anxiety that might crop up at night (or any other part of the day). After just a few sessions, I was able to fall easily and quickly back to sleep if I woke. Weeks later, I am sleeping through most nights. If I do wake, I can fall right back to sleep. I am now feeling both inwardly and outwardly calm and confident about my upcoming VBAC. I would not be in this emotional space without Michelle.
— Meghan W.
Michelle’s talent for clarifying situations has helped me immensely with both personal and professional issues. One of the things that I appreciate most about the process is that Michelle truly listens to both my words and the feelings that my words are conveying. She asks questions that let me know that she is considering the issue fully.
It is intrinsic to Michelle’s nature to be completely supportive, while gently calling attention to what I might be doing to contribute to the issue I’m facing. There is never a point where I feel that I’m being judged; we simply look at the current situation, its contributing factors, and then focus together on how to move forward.
I highly recommend her services without the slightest hesitation!
— Katie B.
I feel so lucky to know Michelle Lockett. She is a rare healer, and just being in her presence is healing. I started working with Michelle when I was having vulnerability issues in my relationship. My inability to be vulnerable and truly share myself at a deep level was hurting my partner and causing him to pull away. I feared losing him. This was hard to talk about, but instantly I felt at ease due to Michelle’s unparalleled empathy and understanding. Nothing was too small or inconsequential to discuss, and her confidence in my ability to heal gave me hope. My relationship was healing within three sessions. The issues resolved completely by the end of my program. I went on to see Michelle for pregnancy issues and birth preparation as well. Her knowledge and hypnotherapy techniques are transformational. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
— Abby Miller -The Healing Heart Center
I will be forever grateful that I met Michelle Lockett. My goal was to get into graduate school for vocal performance. My roadblock was performance anxiety. I was crippled with stage fright. The chances I had to audition and show my ability to sing were shrouded with this dark lack of confidence. I had loss of breath, sweaty shakiness and most of all, a tightened throat which strangles all opportunity to sing freely and beautifully. The voice and talent that I knew I had would hit a brick wall of defeat before ever leaving my mouth. I couldn’t share what I was meant to share. I couldn’t do what I was meant to do. I was not myself and I was heartbroken about it.
Michelle and I had six sessions of hypnotherapy in which she guided me through meditation and self-awareness exercises. I quickly became more calm, more assured of myself and more clear of what I truly desired. I had less anxiety in thinking about performing and would successfully practice singing as the damaging voice of my inner critic became dimmer and dimmer in the background. The greatest gift of all came in our fifth session when she humbly and unobtrusively asked my inner self to share with me any truths if the time was right. In that moment I knew something to be true in the very core of my being that previously I had only perhaps conceptually accepted. The kind of half belief where one would answer the question in, “I suppose so…” But, in that moment I truly believed it – that I am beautiful and I am worthy of good things. I knew it so concretely, as surely as I know my own name, I knew and know that I am worthy. My stage fright was a lack of faith in myself and the strength to overcome it is within me. Michelle’s hypnotherapy practice helped open the gates for me to realize this.
Like with any new skill or new mindset, to achieve it takes practice. I must often reach a state of mental relaxation that reminds me what kind of strength I am naturally gifted with. The ability to do this is what Michelle taught me. Since we had our six sessions I started noticing my performances becoming more natural. Now, over a year later I perform with next to no anxiety, only excitement to get on stage and give the gift of music. I will still hear echoes of my harsh inner criticism. But, the force I have to overcome them gets stronger all the time. I know for a fact and believe with my whole soul that I am capable of great things, that I am worthy of achieving them and that I am a beautiful person. Thank you, Michelle, for being a key player in helping me realize that. I hope I can share this mindset with others by singing beautifully for them.
— Amy Stevens
I have worked alongside Michelle in many capacities- including as a colleague. I’ve gotten to witness her hypnosis skills firsthand. She is warm, personable, competent and an engaging and safe presence. Her hypnosis style is equally warm and safe- and her clients get better! She takes the time to get to know you and you feel genuinely heard by her. She is receptive and she truly cares. If you are considering hypnotherapy, Michelle is the real deal. I’ve seen her work, know her happy and changed clients, and have experienced her warm and engaging style. You will be glad you worked with her!
— K.D.