New Year's Special for New Clients

Resolutions that slip

We all know how it goes.  January brings thoughts and hopes and dreams for self-improvement, we join a gym and throw away the chocolate, vow to stop being angry with so-and-so, and meditate every day, spend more time outside or finally write that book we've said we would write.  And for a few days or weeks, we willpower our way to success!  And then.... well things kind of fall apart.  We often fall into the same habits and routines that blocked us in 2017 - and why shouldn't we?  The same things that were causing the undesired behavior are still there, after all.

Resolutions that stick


Harness that forward momentum the New Year brings, and give yourself the gift of uncovering what has been blocking you, letting it go, and cultivating the mindset that allows your resolution to stick!  Hypnotherapy helps to eliminate the "willpower" experience, where it feels like we are fighting against ourselves.  Align your inner unconscious desires with your outward conscious desires, and enjoy the greater ease around behaviors, habits, thoughts and feelings in your life.

Discounted Rates

Through January, 2019, new clients can enjoy $100 off of a four session package.   What's on your mind for your self improvement for 2019?    We'd love to support your 2019 resolution with hypnotherapy - to make it easier for those goals to stick!

Purchase below, and then contact us to schedule your initial consultation!  We look forward to working with you.