Testimonial 4

“Michelle is an angel. Truly. Not only because her work has drastically improved my life, but because hers is a presence of absolute light, and safety, and joy. When I began sessions with Michelle, I was looking to alleviate my heel-digging, fear of change; I never imagined I was in for a complete confidence makeover. 

My anxiety was rearing its ugly head again, and I was stuck in a pattern of unfulfilled stagnation. Just the thought of my first meeting with Michelle made me want to run back into the house and hide under the covers from the day. I’m so, so glad, though, that I decided to see it through. With Michelle’s soothing, musical voice guiding me, I have overcome the obstacles I’d laid at my own feet.

These days I pursue the things I want in my life. I am unafraid my vulnerabilities; I can recognize them, and acknowledge them, instead of running away from them or trying to hide them. I feel excited about my personal relationships, and motivated in my work. I approach both sides from a place of enthusiasm and joy, and the effect has been incredible. Opportunities have simply appeared where I saw none before. My ideal scenarios are coming to pass. The things I’ve spent years searching for are finding me. I am a stronger, more grounded, and happier version of myself. And I couldn’t be more grateful.